Village Life

Nubia 9

Nubian life is closely connected to the River Nile their lives ebb and flow just like the river.

Experience it for yourself! Venture through Nubian and other local villages to step into their world see how they live. This will be the most eye opening experience for you visit areas where the tourists do not venture.

Ideal for the Eco Tourist, those who are interested in learning about differing cultures and ways of living.

Nubian villages are quiet and often close communities.  Nubian music is colourful and rhythmical reflecting their culture. Nubian women are renowned for the arts, crafts and cuisine always fresh, nutritious and tasty.   Spending time among the Nubians is very beneficial as you feel and experience the peace.

There are numerous walks and camel trekks can be organised for you.

Dance and drumming courses are available, so please add these to your requests.

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