Therapeutic Aswan

Aswan has always been a center for natural therapies going back to Pharaonic times.  The Nubian Cataract Hotel and Restaurant staff have a very good understanding of various natural therapies.  There are many to choose from.

  • Majority of the Herbs and Spices are organically grown, harvested and sold in the Souq.  Below are some of the best medicinal spices and herbs available here in Aswan.
  • River Nile is amazing for the health, just sailing by Felucca or Motorboat, you will enjoy pure peaceful energies of the River only to be found in Aswan.
  • Swimming in selected areas of the River Nile, will work untold wonders for you. Below Aswan Beach area exhilerating experience swimming in the Nile.  The Nile has a magnetic quality.
  • River Nile, has a magical effect on all who sail on her.


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