Nature Trekks

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Nubian Cataract Hotel and Restaurant is the most amazing place to stay it is far away from the hustle and bustle of Aswan city.  The hotel has been built within a natural setting on River Nile.  Immediately you will feel the peace and this is essential in these times of racing against the clock.  Everyone must allow themselves to unwind and relax and there is no better place than at the Nubian Cataract Hotel and Restaurant.

Sehel Island and Famine Stela

Famine Stela

The island was known in ancient times as Setet, and there are many archaeological sites, including sacred places, such as the temple of  Anuket, the Egyptian water goddess, and goddess of the Nile’s cataracts.  Sehel was home to a stone quarry for granite and there are many inscriptions on the island’s granite boulders such as the Famine Stela.

Flora and Fauna

Nubian Cataract Hotel and Restaurant focus is on Eco-tourism and is centered within the lush flora and natural wildlife.  A nature reserve is directly opposite the hotel on the West Bank and allows visitors daily.  Well worth a visit. Just take a short trip by motorboat and you will be there in minutes.

River Nile Bird Watching

Egypt is a migration corridor which attracts some 280 additional species of birds.   Egypt has  a unique geographical location as a bridge between the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa and therefore millions of birds pass through the country on their way from Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, the Balkens, Siberia and Central Asia to eastern and southern Africa each autumn, and on their way back each spring.

Nubian Cataract Hotel and Restaurant is already based in the center of Aswan’s wildlife you can either by motorboat or speedboat right up to the Lower Aswan Dam’s gates Sandpiperwhere the water is so pure and fresh it is crystal clear, you can touch the water as it flows through the gates into the River Nile and continues down to the Delta in Lower Egypt.

You will see a variety of birds nesting and living in this area.  We can arrange a special tour for you and your party/group just to watch the birds and experience their habitat.

Many African bird species may be found here along the shores of Lake Nasser, including Pink-backed Pelicans, Yellow-billed Storks, African Skimmers, Pink-headed Doves and African Pied Wagtails.

Lake Nasser

Eagle Owl

Lake Nasser is the ultimate for observing the wildlife of Upper Egypt. There is so much to take in.  An abundance of birds on the shores of the lake, enormous fish and there is a special place where the crocodiles congregate to rest and sleep.

You will be taken by motorboat directly from the Hotel to Lake Nasser where you will transfer to a specialised motorboat for the Lake.

So much to see and do. Including some fishing.



This Wildlife Tour is 1 day 1 night $250. Lake Nasser Boats

For those wishing to book the Wildlife Tour we will require photocopy of your passport 1 month before hand to obtain police permission this is a Government requirement.


For Enquiries or Bookings Please Contact Us


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