What’s Around

Aswan is the most beautiful of all the cities in Egypt.  This is the real Egypt and goes right back to the beginning of time.  Aswan was where it all began not just the Pharaonic times it goes beyond.  Those who have an affinity with Egypt will be strongly drawn to Aswan.

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Adventure Spirit – Let’s get that adventure spirit going and visit some of the most favourite sites ouside Aswan.

Ancient Aswan – Aswan has some of the best preserved Ancient Sites in Egypt and is a must for those who have a fascination for history. The Aswan Ancient wonders have really stood the tests of time.

Nature Trekks  see the abundance of  birds, flora and fauna native to this area.

Therapeutic Aswan – Aswan has always been a center for natural therapies going back to Pharaonic times.

Village Life experience it for yourself. Venture through Nubian and other local villages to step into their world see how they live. This will be the most eye opening experience for you.


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