Let’s Go to Nubia !

Let’s go to Nubia.  Do you know where Nubia is?

Below is a map of the River Nile, the Nubian people have settled from Southern Egypt in Aswan to Meroe in Sudan.


Map created by Mark Dingemanse of Wikipedia.

Cairo is 853 km or 530 miles from Aswan.

Sinai is 834 km from Aswan

Flying Cairo to Aswan is 1.5 hours.

Travel by Train is 12 hours.

Aswan is very far from the areas which attract trouble. The people of Aswan are very different from the Egyptians elsewhere. They like peace and to be with their families.

The Nubians and their villages are more peaceful than the city folk of Aswan.

Once you arrive at Naga El Mahata you can feel and hear the difference.





The Nubians are descendents of one of the most ancient people on Earth.  Nubians have a rich colourful culture with very strong family values.  They care and protect their families from the immediate to the extended family group.

Nubian Villages are the ideal place for family holidays. The Nubian Cataract Hotel and Restaurant’s mission is to provide a secure and safe environment for all the family. The owner, Bassem Jalal, understands how important not just for the local familes but also families visiting from abroad to know they and their children will be treated with respect and cared for whilst staying at the hotel.

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The Nubian Villages are dismissed by the tour operators, and all too often any tours of the Nubian Villages are very brief.

Excluding these important cultural Nubian villages, means you are missing out on an ancient lifestyle of one of the oldest people who lived on the Earth long before the Ancient Egyptians.  The Nubian culture has been handed down through the generations. It is not something to be glossed over.

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Ecotourism factors greatly within the villages as there is a multitude interesting traditions to see, such as, Nubian Art, Beadwork, Pottery, Weaving, Herbs and Spices, Henna Art, Traditional Nubian Music, Wildlife, and Nature Reserves.

The Nubian Cataract Hotel and Restaurant are offering courses on the creative arts , they are including Nubian drumming and dancing.   Everyone loves the Nubian Rhythmical Music it has a colourful and unique beat.  There is something for all the family to do.

Planning your family holiday, looking for a peaceful environment which is secure and safe then look no further than the Nubian Cataract Hotel and Restaurant.  Bassem Jalal and staff will make sure your family holiday one to remember with memories to share for many years to come and that you will return to enjoy your time once again.

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Author – Nanette de Ville

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