Artists in Paradise

Nubian Mural 3

When I first visited the Nubian Villages in Aswan, I was in awe of the stunning artwork.  Many of the homes are adorned with murals both interior and exterior walls.  The art is always positive and colourful reflecting times past and now.

Nubian Mural 2

Many of the ceilings, as the Restaurant ceiling, have been handpainted using stencils; a true work of love and perfection.


The skills of artistry have been passed down through the generations ensuring the ancient heritage is kept alive.

The peaceful and relaxed atmosphere in the Nubian Cataract Hotel and Restaurant is condusive for inspiring artists.  The surrounding area is a nature reserve rich in wildlife and flora.

Allow yourself to find peace and be inspired as we are your family and home from home.

Nubian Mural 1

Author – Nanette de Ville

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